Ready 2 raster and VTransfer

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Ready 2 raster and VTransfer

Post by jenmiller2 »

I have been using Vcarve desktop for creating and machining my projects. However, I am wondering if I am missing something with ready 2 raster and Vtransfer. I honestly have NO idea what these 2 programs on my computer do?! Can you please enlighten me about their use?? Where can I find a tutorial on these 2 programs? Can they be used to machine projects by themselves? Do they work in conjunction with other programs?

Much thanks!

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Re: Ready 2 raster and VTransfer

Post by sharkcutup »

From what I have found on the internet

Ready 2 Raster is for reading/editing the Gcode tap file

Vtransfer is for transferring the Gcode tap file directly to your CNC machine

Both of these programs seem to be from

Like I said this is what I found on the internet and it may not be accurate. Maybe someone else might chime in to either acknowledge or dispute what I have found.

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Re: Ready 2 raster and VTransfer

Post by RJGeller »

Ready2Raster is to convert an image to a laser-engraving file which can be transferred to the control panel for one of the NWA laser attachments.

It is a NextWaveAutomation program.


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