Muscle Chuck for 2 hp spindle

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Muscle Chuck for 2 hp spindle

Post by NL7U »

I would like to upgrade to the Muscle Chuck adapter but have not found our which of their adapters will screw onto my spindle on my HD4 Shark machine. I have found very technical info as per thread width, pitch, and just about every thing else. All I want to find out is "What model Muscle Chuck fits my Nextwave Automation Shark HD4 with water cooled spindle?"

On a different note, I just replaced my spindle due to (I think) some kind of algae growing in the spindle which stopped the coolant flow. I called Nextwave (they DO answer their phone) and was told to add 2 quarts of vinegar to 4 gallons of water to inhibit mold growth. I wonder how long the vinegar will last before changing???

Thanks for looking.

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Re: Muscle Chuck for 2 hp spindle

Post by Zeph »

Hope this gets read as I know it's a bit late!

You can add some silver coils to the water as well as silver is a natural antibiotic. You can buy coils of silver (pretty cheap - like $5-6) at I build water-cooled pc's and use it to keep the water in the tubes clean and it works like a charm. I also use Distilled Water (you can get it at your supermarket or pharmacy), which helps as well as it starts out completely pure. Not sure how many coils it will take - I may use 2 or 3 as it's a large bucket (I've just received my spindle and haven't installed it yet).

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