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Shark Dust Boot

Post by Jim@HeirloomTable »

I've been using the standard brush dust boot that came with our HD, and have now replaced it, having same issue.
I'm running dish out sections in boards with a 1-1/4" diameter box/bowl bit and the downward compression seems to be forcing the brush into the bit, have pretty much destroyed/melted two. I've never really liked this system, never seems to keep all the dust contained. Suction is from a wall mounted HEPA filter extractor necked down to a standard 2-1/2" shop vac hose to fit the boot plate hole.
Thinking I need to just stop using it for these cuts - anybody come up with something to keep the dust contained? Going about 1" deep into wood and it makes a huge amount of dust.
Thanks! Jim, Hopkinsville, KY
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Re: Shark Dust Boot

Post by Kayvon »

I ended up making my own dust boot. If you do something like this, you can control the length of the bristles and make them shorter than usual so they won't hit your workpiece when you carve a bowl.

Here's the one I did: ... -boot.html

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Re: Shark Dust Boot

Post by ffloyd »

After many projects and having to clean up the shop frequently, I explored other options for dust boots. I discovered that the 2.5 inch dust pickup did not provide enough suction. The KentCNC dust boot has a 4-inch dust port which provides much more airflow - if you have a dust collector other than a shopVac.
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Re: Shark Dust Boot

Post by wood doctor 12 »

The Shark dust boot just does not work. The bristles are too stiff. You cna deform the gantry on a deep cut, and throw your cutter off enough to affect the cut. Shark has not responded to concerns about this. The Kent dust boot works, and has a 4 inch vaccuum tube so you can get good results. I have a dust deputy and a 1.25 HP dust collector coming off of that. The dust is minimal.
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Re: Shark Dust Boot

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I called KentCNC today, they said that they do not sell dust boots. I must have called the wrong place. What is their phone number or link to a site where I can buy it?

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Re: Shark Dust Boot

Post by Bob »

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