Engraving Brass

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Engraving Brass

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I know this has been discussed before, but I'm still in need of reassurance and clarity for the best way to do it before I commit. The goal is to create plaques (approx. 5x7 brass plates mounted on wood) with engraved text and fill some shapes with texture. I admit to never having played with texture, so I'm ignorant on that score. Questions:

1. Which bit(s) to use? A 60 degree V bit or a 1/32 bullnose or something else? 15 degree bit?
2. Depth of cuts?
3. How hard is this on the bits - wear & tear - should special bits be used?
4. Feed Rates?
5. What else should I know?

I saw drag knives mentioned, but they seem expensive, or have 1/8" shafts or perhaps unable to do fine detail. Once again, I admit ignorance.

TIA y'all,

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