Source for a live center?

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Source for a live center?

Post by sgiersch »

I can't believe it came with a dead center as the only tailstock tool. And neither my mt2 tailstock tooling nor my mt1 tailstock tooling fits. This is something I would expect from a $150 harbor freight lathe not an $800 4th axis from Nextwave. Does anyone know of a source for a live center for the full size 4th axis?

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Re: Source for a live center?

Post by ffloyd »

Being an old woodturner, seeing a dead center in the tailstock is questionable. I researched all over the internet and found several. Amazon has several. The issue is that the ones I found did not match the height of the tailstock supplied. If you can overcome that issue, there is some chance of success.

It is also frustrating that the headstock does not have a morse taper. Again, even the cheapest lathes have that.
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