My learning adventure with shark 4th axis accessory -4

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My learning adventure with shark 4th axis accessory -4

Postby grazinghorse » Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:41 pm

It has been a long week of email with Vectric and NWA support by email. Niether came up with a solution. A user tipped told me how to fix it.

So the problem was I was unable to position my work where it was showing placed, in Aspire 4.5 All of my work was positioned at the Start cut point specified in the preferences. In order to get some current projects done I had continuously readjust the preferences and run the job It drove me crazy and I burned some serious dowel stock.

Here is what I found out. Controller 2.1 does not recognize the CENTERED DATUM POINT. If the lower left datum point is selected, everything works perfectly. I find this somewhat frustrating because for the last few years all of my work refers to a centered datum point. So now I will have to recreate those tool paths with a lower left datum point.

Just had an idea - If I continue to layout the job with a centered datum point and then before creating the tap files change it to lower left datum point, would this work? For example, I would open up an old file, reset the datum point to lower left, then recalculate all tool paths and save them.

So my next post will probably be to show off some projects. I have about seven flutes that I have done on the 4th axis and in 2D so I will post a few photos when they are looking more finished.

Have a good day!
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Re: My learning adventure with shark 4th axis accessory -4

Postby rcrick » Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:25 pm

I looked at your files and one thing came to my attention, you are making your xy datum position in the center, the control panel software always makes the 0,0 based on the preferences you have made in the CP software, so it crowds all of your carvings to the left. I think if you make your datum position lower left things will work ok.
If you take the files with the middle datum and make it the bottom left and recalculate everything should be fine.
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