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rounding toolpath

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Had the 4th axis kit for about a month now, shark black diamond. When I use the the rounding toolpath
in gadgets/wrapping/rounding everything looks great in the preview but when I go to run it strange things happen.
The bottom of the square block is parrallel to the table top. When I run the tap file it just cuts in the air for a while then
it digs into the block like its expecting to be in a different area than it is. Also having trouble with deciding which
post prosessor to use as the ones listed in Aspire don't exactly match the ones listed in owners manual. Have the
latest updates. Another strange thing that happened is I have to use the touch off plate with magnet attached to collet
and tape insulating headstock and tailstock to get the touch off working. BTW the spiral gadget works OK but thats cutting
deeper than I set it. Gone through all the axis zeroing and measuring and all seems ok. But I'm old and probably missing
some small but cructial step. When I say cutting to deep actually broke a 1/4" straight bit, that was scary. You guys have
saved me in the past and I appreciate it.

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