4th Axis-Model-Subtract or Concave format

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4th Axis-Model-Subtract or Concave format

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Hello -
I have set up a rotary job.
Imported a model.
Set the model to subtract into the material.

I don't understand what the z is doing.

1 roughing and 2 finishing toolpaths.
Z was set to cylinder in vectric. but changed that to Surface due to how it presented in preview in vectric.
Physical Z is set to center of tailstock. This was set via a (woodblock cut height + touchplate height = center of tailstock)

View in Vectic looks right.
Output in realife is: Roughing pass worked well (tooled as expected) but the finishing pass #1 mostly aircut about .5 higher than the surface of the material.

Any thoughts as to why the second pass is going above the material higher instead of into the material deeper??

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