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Small Projects

Postby 4DThinker » Sat May 25, 2013 10:55 am

Just curious, since the Shark is capable of 1/1000" detail how small of a part or project has anyone tried/succeeded to cut. Attached are a couple photos of a 1/5 scale model I made of a chair I designed and built some 30 years ago while in college. The model is missing the stretched canvas seat membrane and cushions of the full sized version, but the wood parts, brackets, and washers I was able to cut using a 1/16" bit. The brackets were from an old aluminum license plate. The washers (between folding wood parts) were cut from plastic milk carton sides. I used a 1/32" bit to cut the slots for the back straps. The original (none of which was done on a CNC) won a first place in the Design Emphasis Competition Summer/Casual furniture category at IWF in Louisville KY in 1982. Both it and the model fold flat when the cushions are removed. Then the cushion can lay flat in the same box during shipping.

Feel free to add photos of your own small projects to this thread.
1/5 of original scale.
Shown with tape for scale reference.
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