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LCD panel mount to lightstand stud

PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:57 pm
by Rando
Fellow Shark-o-files:

Here's the second fabricated part in a short run of three. At the local CNC club I'm in, we had need to mount an LCD screen (36+") high enough people could see during the meetings. Rather than construct some hoist, or pay for some ultra-strong purpose-built mount, I decided to try using my Manfrotto (brand) photographic light stands. Using AutoDesk Fusion360 to model the part, then BobCAD to do the toolpath generation. Then, from a 3.25" long piece of 2" square aluminum bar, comes this little beauty.

The first picture is from Fusion360, of the original design

From Fusion 360....

The setup you see in this next picture is a KURT D688 machining vise attached to the Shark HD2+ bed, with two setup blocks, a set of parallels, and then a piece of aluminum specially cut to be the fixture for the part. The block of material starts out getting four holes underneath, which I tap using a TapMatic head on my drill press. Those four holes match the ones that go through 0.150"-tall bosses, so the block of material sits up off the fixture. That way I can get the bit all the way down the edge.

This final picture (since the system only allows three per post) is of the part in use. it's mounted on a standard photographic "stud", held on with that knob. The currently-unoccupied hole is threaded to 3/8NPT. That way, when the larger screen arrives, I can thread in a short pipe that I can then add counter-weight to offset the screen's desire to pull forward. So far so good!

Part just completed

Yes, if you look closely the front bore isn't centered. Thankfully that's not a problem with this particular design, but it sho'nuff looks odd :D.

Anyway, just a short fun project in Aluminum. Total machining time, given the fine detail done with a ball-nose end mill, wasn't so bad, a couple hours on the Shark HD2+ I have. More than adequate!

In use, attached to the back of a standard LCD panel mount plate.

Cheers, y'all.....