110 Spoil board

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110 Spoil board

Post by MattInFla »

Knocked out a quick spoilboard out of some 3/4 in MDF.

Did the screw holes by clamping the board and making 1/4 in pockets to .6 in and completed the holes with a drill. Did the .48 in pockets for the screw heads at the same time. Then I screwed the board to the deck with 1/4 x 20 screws and did the grid of small dots with a v bit.

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Re: 110 Spoil board

Post by markjonesranger »

I found that brass screw hold downs for testing and steel screws are my best hold down. Low profile and I just screw them into my spoil board (3/4" mdf using nylon bolts into the shark table top) on top of that I put another 3/4" mdf board as my first spoil board. After machining that flat after a year or so I added a 1/4" piece of luan plywood as my spoil board and just tack that down with 23 gauge pin nails.

I use jigs made out of 1/4" plywood made from 4x8 sheets cut down to 24" x24" for almost all my jigs. I think I have 30 jigs now. GRIN! When I am making the project in vcarve I just put a vector in just a bit over sized and cut that out of the plywood. Then tack that down and put 1/4" plywood cams with screws down through that jig into the spoil board so I can repeat my cnc work. Many times I make wooden lanterns, canteens, cups, plaques and the jig makes positioning this fast and easy. For boxes made from 1/4" plywood cutting box joints I think I have made over 60 of them now of all kinds of sizes I just hold that down with the 23 gauge pin nails. My 1/8" bit doesn't seem to care if it hits one every now and then...I do my best to put them where they won't be hit but it happens.

I found as I saw on youtube the taller the hold downs the more gashes they get and the broken bits add up. I haven't broken a bit in a long time using the screws as a hold down. The other day I put in a key hole slot for a plaque and my first cut I used the wrong keyhole slot and key holed right through my cam with brass screw in it. No harm done to the bit. Works great.

Videos of my cnc and shop setup.
http://readyrangers.tzo.com/2019ShopUpd ... te2019.htm

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