Router Bits for Engraving

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Copper John 1
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Router Bits for Engraving

Post by Copper John 1 »

I'm relatively new to CNC and the forum. I have a Shark using Vectric VCarve desktop 8.5 software. I'm interested in engraving text using different fonts for point sizes from 20 to 72. My question is what type of router bits would you recommend I purchase and from whom. I see on line that they're offered in sets but confused in the right direction to go. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Alan

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Re: Router Bits for Engraving

Post by awdang »

Hey Alan, you may get a better response if you post your question under a category other than "CNC Shark video's". I'm somewhat new at using a CNC myself (couple months). From what I've seen, including myself, most use straight end mill (big ones to clear the pocket), V bits of different angles, and ball/round nose. The smaller the font, the smaller the bit you're gonna need for the tight areas. Be sure to input the bit information correctly, if you do that, the preview vcarve gives you is very accurate and you'll be able to tell if you've chosen a good bit. as far as where to get them, I just shop amazon til I find what I need
these things are a blast and tons to learn, I never realized how many different mistakes were possible, I'm pretty sure I'm making every one of them, which is fine as long as don't keep making the same ones.

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Re: Router Bits for Engraving

Post by acctek367 »

Then I recommend choosing an automatic tool changer cnc router

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Re: Router Bits for Engraving

Post by sax »

I am a new cnc user and a project requires to only probe for x.y or z axis of which I do not know how to do.
Any help with this would help greatly.
I know I a responding to another post as I have no idea on how to post my own message - help with that would help to start.

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