Installing 220v 3rd party spindle

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Installing 220v 3rd party spindle

Post by Dljones10 »

Just bought the Shark HD5. Was wondering if anyone installed a spindle bought off amazon particularly the 220v, 2.2kw, 80mm water cooled spindle? If so is it any harder to install than the one sold by NW? From what I have read the only difference is that NW's VFD comes pre-programmed and you would get NW's support on it. NW makes the 80mm bracket which I ordered.
The link to the spindle that I am talking about. ... NrPXRydWU=


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Re: Installing 220v 3rd party spindle

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These are the settings I needed for mine, left all others alone. Only diff is I have a 220 1.5kw

If it won't take the settings you have the lock on PD000=0 you will have a (1 ) for this parameter, it needs to be 0

Here are all the correct settings for your Drive

Huanyang Mactec54
PD000 = 0 for Parameter unlock. For Parameter Lock use (1)
PD001 = 0 (1 For Remote Control)
PD002 = 1 (1 For Internal Pot Control)
PD003 = 400
PD004 = 400
PD005 = 400
PD007 = 20
PD008 = 220
PD011 = 120 (Minimum Setting 120)
PD009 = 15
PD010 = 8
PD013 = 08 is for Factory reset, Only use this to set VFD to Factory Default
PD014 Accel=12 ( Adjust to suit)
PD015 Deccl=12 (Adjust to suit) ( PD15 is ignored IF PD26=1 Then the Spindle will
Coast to a Stop)
PD141 = 220 ( Motor Rated Voltage )
PD142 = 7 ( Motor Max Amps) (Set for your motor Amp Rating 2.2Kw Spindle 9 amp Max)
(Set for your motor Amp Rating 1.5Kw Spindle 7 amp Max)
PD143 = 2 ( Motor Number of Poles)
PD144 = 3000 (Max Motor RPM) =3,000= (24,000)

PD70 = 1 ( This may need to be set to 1 if Control Voltage is 0-5v )

PD72 = 400

PD73 = 120 ( 100 Minimum Setting )

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Re: Installing 220v 3rd party spindle

Post by RJGeller »

See also my post in the "Show off your projects" about using a 3rd party spindle. I am using an 80mm 2.2kw 220v water cooled spindle for the past 3 months without any problems.

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Re: Installing 220v 3rd party spindle

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You haven’t had any issues with the extra weight? That is the only thing that has stopped me from going that route. I actually just posted on here to try to figure out if I can use stronger steppers for this exact reason.

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