Y-Axis Gone Wild

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Y-Axis Gone Wild

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I've just had my new Shark SD110 for a few weeks. It's taken more time than I thought to get up to speed, but I have created a Spoilboard, surfaced it, and have used Vcarve to design clamps. Up until now, anything that wasn't working as expected could be explained by something I wasn't doing, or doing something wrong. When finishing the last Toolpath, things went south, and I can't see any reason why.

After the toolpath was complete, it returned to X and Y zero, with Z a half inch above the project surface – all just as I expected. The router continued to run, as router control is not offered on the SD110. After about 5 seconds, the router began to move in the negative Y direction. It quickly hit the end of travel, but continued to try moving further. By the time I stopped it, the Y location showed -8.544.

The Toolpath file ends with the X and Y return to Zero.

Anyone else experienced this? Ideas? How to fix?

I've sent this to Nextwave Support, but don't expect an answer until next week.

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