ADMINISTRATOR Help: How to get PM messaging ability

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ADMINISTRATOR Help: How to get PM messaging ability

Postby kevinp » Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:53 pm

Hi, new to this forum, and am trying to PM another member who offered up some DXF files for making a new z axis. But all my PM's stay in my OUTBOX, and don't get sent. I've tried to PM a couple Administrators, with no response, and have emailed, with no response. Help! How can I get approved to send a PM? Are there ANY administrators who monitor or respond to these requests for assistance?

Would someone with working PM capabilities mind PM'ing an Administrator for me, asking them to look at this post. I can't seem to contact ANY of them (PM'ing or emailing). Thanks!

Update 1/15/19: Regrettably, 150+ views, and not a single response from an Administrator.
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Re: ADMINISTRATOR Request/Help: How to get PM messaging abi

Postby Kayvon » Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:49 am

Administrators are not very active on this forum.

I've checked my PMs and I see that the only message stuck in "outbox" is the one I sent to an administrator last week. Other messages are going through for me. I wonder if it's somehow based on time since last login? Otherwise, maybe it's a per user setting on the recipient's side.

Your best avenue may be to reply to the thread in question with a request for the files you want.
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Re: ADMINISTRATOR Request/Help: How to get PM messaging abi

Postby kevinp » Tue Jan 08, 2019 2:46 pm

Kayvon, thanks for the post. I've tried PM'ing both the user, and 2 Administrators, and they both stay in the OUTBOX. Several days have gone by since trying to PM, and they still stay there. I've reviewed the FAQ for the Forum (upper right corner), under "Why can't I send a PM", and it indicates an administrator has to authorize your account first. So, am stuck waiting for an administrator, who apparently don't monitor this board.

I'll try posting to the particular thread in question:


but it's from back in 2012, so am not sure if the person who offered up the DXF files (rungemach) will be re-reading that particular post. Its the 2nd to last post on the bottom of that thread (page 1 of the thread), where Bob is offering up DXF files in aluminum for the CNC Shark Pro z axis skeleton.

Thanks again. Sure wish an administrator, or whomever monitors the email account "" would respond. Sad the VERY first topic on this CNC Shark forum is "Forum Rules/Guidelines", which says if you have any questions or problems at all, to email "", and when you do, it goes ignored.
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