Beginner: How to pause, shut down, and resume .tap file

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Beginner: How to pause, shut down, and resume .tap file

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Hi All,

Just received my HD500 last week and I'm relatively new to the cnc workflow.

I'm loading my tap files via usb thumb drive and controlling via the pendant.

I've run a few paths so far and decided to get a little more ambitious yesterday. Needless to say after I plugged in and started running the file, I realized it was going to take an unanticipated 6hrs to complete. (side question: how can I tell how long a file will take to complete without actually running it?)
At the 4.5 hr mark I noticed the axis motors, and to a lesser extent the control box, were getting hot so I paused and powered off the spindle. (I did not power off the control box) After about an hour i found that the motors hadn't cooled down at all and it almost seemed like it was getting even hotter.

I powdered down the the control box thinking, "there must be a way to pick things back up tomorrow." Alas after starting up this morning I'm not sure how to proceed. I've seen some discussion here on the topic but wondering if I screwed my self by not have "pause code" preloaded into my file.

I'd love to not have to scrap the 4.5 hours of work i did yesterday and start over. Any advice or just bad news?


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Re: Beginner: How to pause, shut down, and resume .tap file

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Bring X,Y,Z axis back to program zero before shutting down the controller.

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