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Shark Pro Plus HD Maintenance

Postby sharkcutup » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:10 pm

After just a little over two years and only the Good Lord knows how many CNC Projects have been run on my machine It was time to re-surface the MDF spoilboard!!!

So I setup my machine along with a dust boot (which I do not normally use cause MDF creates a lot of fine dust). Then created a .crv file in VCarve to re-surface the spoilboard.
Here is what the spoilboard looked like after the CNC machine re-surfaced the spoilboard. Removed .1" from spoilboard surface using a 1.25" diameter mortising router bit.

I then cleaned everything to get any MDF dust off of CNC mechanics and gave the it a good lube!!!

Note: not sure why the photos are upside down here but they do come up correctly when clicked on --- strange!!!!

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Re: Shark Pro Plus HD Maintenance

Postby bill z » Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:28 pm

Yes, a good surfacing now and again helps in many ways. Yes it helps to create a flat surface again. If you use a large end mill, something like a 1 inch, it will show if your router or the z axis is out of adjustment. That is what I did and WOW did it need adjusting.

Yes, MDF is cheap enough to just replace but a saved buck always comes in handy.
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Re: Shark Pro Plus HD Maintenance

Postby acebetter » Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:04 pm

I have cut an MDF spoilboard, used Rockler's 26099 t-slot bit to cut clamping slots (that bit worked really well). I mounted the board with 1/4-20 3/4" hex bolts. I made the board basically using this video as a guide

Now that I have it mounted I need to surface it. I am not sure what specs to use to create the tool in VCarve database. I plan on using Whiteside's 6220 sufacing bit for 1/32" depth of cut. Can someone help me with the tools specs?
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