Shark HD4 EXtended-setting up water cooled spindle

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Shark HD4 EXtended-setting up water cooled spindle

Postby kfaye4 » Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:05 pm

HI All,

Trying to get to the cutting stage, new to CNC. My question is I am going to run the probe, as far as position of the water cooled spindle it is clear I need to adjust height, is there a good way to determine where it should be? There is no manual anywhere on the web or in my delivery box on the water cooled spindle itself, only the pump. Also, does the probe come off after initial calibration? I don't want it to break and it seems like the depth of projects sometimes would affect that.

Thanks, Clueless near Detroit ;-)
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Re: Shark HD4 EXtended-setting up water cooled spindle

Postby SteveM » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:32 am

As for mounting the spindle, I would probably allow about 1" from the bottom of the spindle to the bottom of the spindle mount. That will allow you enough space to mount a dust boot to the bottom of the spindle. The shaft with the spindle nut will be below that. When you slide the spindle in the mount, just slide it down to the 1" below the mount.
The probe mounts to the side if the spindle mount, so I don't think it will be in your way to make your cuts. You can just leave it mounted there.
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Re: Shark HD4 EXtended-setting up water cooled spindle

Postby chasbo » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:47 am

I’m also new to all of this and it is frustrating the lack of info. When you say probe what are you referring to.
I have the zeroing probe but I assume that’s not what your talking about.
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Re: Shark HD4 EXtended-setting up water cooled spindle

Postby jeb2cav » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:38 am

I agree on the spindle depth below the mounting collar being at least 1". You could also set it close to the extension of the Sense Probe mounting bracket. Once I install the spindle, I will provide an update to this thread.

I haven't yet worked with this, as I go through a transition from a Shark Pro to our new HD4, so I may change my mind on this.

The HD4 comes with a Sense Probe. This device is used to determine the edges of your material and the center of that material - should you desire to use this method. It is held in that bracket using a magnet. After you perform this step, I would remove the Sense Probe from the mount so there is no opportunity for it banging around while you run the job(s). It may not interfere, but at face value, this is what I plan on doing.

There is a Sense Probe manual available from the NWA web site - While the name of the manual is 'Sense Probe', the text of the manual uses the phrase 'Touch Probe'. I suspect that will be updated at some point.

To be clear for other Shark users, the Sense Probe is not the 'digitizer' (original phrase) or 'Digital Duplicator' (current phrase). The Sense Probe is only used to determine the edges and center of the material.
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